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My name is Angeline Morland and I have been a Lincensed Massage Therapist for ten years. I love the work I do and love facilitating health and healing for the clients I work with. My approach to bodywork is noninvasion and nonaggressive. The more relaxed you become the deeper the work is and you will recieve a more therapeutic massage. When I work with you the client, I provide a space that is safe and sort of an escape from the world. As the massage starts the approach is slow, and Im listening to the tissue to find the areas that hold the most tension. I don't usually hold conversations with clients during this time because the time is spent listening to the tissue and your body, but some clients feel uncomfortable not talking and in this case I will do more listening than talking. I am not a counselor or Therapist in the sense that I can assist in emotional or behavioral issues and it's out of my scope of practice to do so, but because it is helpful sometimes for the client to vent I feel for some clients talking during a session can be helpful. Please know that any information I share is from my own experience and is not meant to cure issues or prescribe treatments outside of massage therapy. I provide contact information for clients who become interested in working with a talk therapist.

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